Heads-up from the tour

We aten’t dead! (as Granny Weatherwax would put it)

Well, admittedly, our website has been a bit neglected these last few weeks, but we were far from idle. Playing nine concerts in three months almost qualifies as a tour, doesn’t it? We’ve once again met loads of nice people and kick-ass bands on the road, roamed all over southern Germany, and it was certainly worth it. Now almost all of these gigs are done, with just the grand finale at MISE Open Air remaining, so we’d like to thank all the old and new folks, friends and fans for an amazing time. And in order to do this, we proudly present this live video of our band anthem, recorded last Saturday:

Should you now be completely psyched all over again, just come along to M:O:A and celebrate the closing of our little spring “tour” with us! And then we’ll take it from there – no rest for the wicked. We’ll keep you posted!