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Wenn ihr die Texte jetzt allerdings in Foren oder ähnlichem posten wollen solltet, oder sie sonst irgendwie verbreiten – nur zu, solange klar bleibt, woher sie kommen, wer sie geschrieben hat und dabei kein Geld im Spiel ist. Wenn noch ein Link auf unsere Seite dabei rausspringt, freuen wir uns auch sehr! Und jetzt viel Spaß damit!

Blitzkrieg Mania

unser politischer Song – er besteht nur aus hohlen Phrasen

We’re running wild, we’re running free,
You’re running for your life
Raging Metal Maniacs
Bound to fuck the world

Lock your doors, turn off the lights
And pray we’ll pass you by
Hell Patröl’s in town tonight,
Metal is the law

Blitzkrieg Mania, Let Madness take control
Blitzkrieg Mania – MANIA!
Blitzkrieg Mania, Metal takes its toll
Blitzkrieg Mania – MANIA!

Bang the head that doesn’t bang
That’s what you’ve got to do
Jump aboard the MGV
Let the good times roll

The Drinking Dead abroad tonight
Raised by the Power Chords
Lock up your daughters and your wife
This is Rock’n’Roll


One for All, All for One,
The armies of the night are here and under my command
One for All, All for One,
The Heavy Metal Horde will raze this place to the ground
One for All, All for One,
One for All, All for One…

Solo: Christian



Death from the Sky

Draco dormiens nunquam titilandus!

Lead: both

Under the mountain
In abandoned halls
I sleep
Undisturbed, untroubled,
No-one dare approach me

bring death on wings
With flame and fire, in which
Men shall fry,
I kill where I wish,
And none dare resist,
For when I rise there’s no escape!

Run and hide! – Fear my onslaught
Run or die! – Peoples tall or short
Hear the cry! – There is smoke on the mountain
Who dare defy? – When Death takes to the sky…

The King
Under the Mountain
I have slain when
Once I came
To lay to waste
These hills and these lands
And to win my hoard of dwarven wealth


Solo: Nico/Christian/both

Foolish you were
To sneak in my lair,
For your sake grief
Will come to your friends
In the town on the lake,
They shall feel my wrath and die in flames

Run and hide! – Fear my onslaught
Run or die! – Peoples tall or short
Hear the cry! – There is smoke on the mountain
Who dare defy? – When Death takes to the sky…
Now Death takes to the sky!



Für all diejenigen, die immer vorne an der Bühnenkante hängen – wir sehen uns dort!

Friday night, the time is right,
We’re out to hit the town
To party, drink and celebrate
The fucking underground
A band is playing here tonight
In a small and smoky room
The beer is cheap and the music’s loud

To the bar, then to the stage,
Pushing through the crowd,
Stifling heat, adrenaline,
That’s what it’s all about.

Feel the heat and feel the beat,
Turn the world into a blur
All hell’s unleashed, the beast released,
Raw energy so pure…
Front Row Speedbanging Madness!

Elbow on the monitor
It’s time for going wild
Pressure rises as you’re hit
By the moshpit from behind.
Neither room nor air to breathe
All oxygen is gone
The air is filled with hair and sweat!

Climb the stage, enjoy the view,
Quick start-up, then the jump
Surf the crowd, ride the hands
Never mind the ground!


Solo: Nico

Song by song we’re going stronger
Breaking necks, destructive force
No way to stop the front row madness
Give all we’ve got

Getting high just on the music
No detox for this addiction
Heavy Metal reigns supreme

Solo: Nico

Show is over, bar closed down,
We gotta leave this place
Waiting outside for the band
Now aftershow begins.
Heading over to the pub
Get shit-faced like you should
A night we’re not goin’ to forget!

Same procedure as last time
And many more to come
We’ll be back to bang and drink
This will never die!



Millenial Speed Metal

Ein Gruß sowohl an unsere alten Helden als auch an unsere jungen Kameraden: Speed Metal or no speed at all!

Back in time, twenty, thirty years,
The Metal was going strong.
Raw power, riffing speed
Nailing down song after song.

Now, here it comes
Once again, speed revival
This is the place
For a new arrival.

Decades after Helloween
Comes this new-born scene
With old heroes.
Faster than sharks out of the dark,
Re-ignite the spark,
Millenial Speed Metal!

Lead: Nico

The 90s came and they killed the style
It returned to the underground
A last sign of life with Priest’s Painkiller
And dead and gone seemed the sound

But like King Arthur sleeping it lay
Till somebody rings the bell
Gathering power for the day
It will rise up back from hell.

Now in the wake of Thrash-revival and new Maiden-style bands,
The metal scene goes on to show: the 80s extend.
Kids in S.O.D.-shirts sewing patches on by hand,
Speed is back and waiting for the Devil’s command!


Solo: Christian

We’re the headbanging men,
Sons of Adrian, the Agents of Steel
You’d better run for the night
Now hold on tight, prepare for the Overkill!


Lead: both


On the Edge

Blaine is a pain – and that is the truth.

The drums ‘n horror of the city left behind
Escaped annihilation, your path lies open wide
Now enter the wastelands, the next stage begins
The turtle is calling from far beyond the place where your journey ends

Solo: Christian

Welcome on board for your trip along the beam
Destination Kansas, well that’s how it seems
You cleared the gate by quick presence of mind
But you just got on what yet may turn out to be your last ride

Chorus (Lead: Nico/both):
A journey on the edge of life and death
No use for guns, you must shoot with your mind
Don’t ask him silly questions, he won’t play silly games
Cause this insane train is a pain and it’s gonna go right off the rail

A dipolar brain with too many circuits blown
Insane and suicidal, and it won’t go alone
The challenge accepted, the old game will decide
Familiar motif, once more the riddles shall rule who leaves alive


“You’ve answered true”
Round after round
Think hard, beware
You’re running out of ground

Lead: Nico
Solo: Nico
Lead: both

Time runs out, a last chance to stand true
The question’s there, trying to get through
Dead baby and chicken, the nonsense overdose
You shot with your mind, the bullet struck and the Tower now draws close…

Chorus (2x)



There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, then are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Oh treacherous brother
What have you done?
Enjoy your earthly glory
It won’t last long

Won’t take this sacrilege
You’ll have to pay
You took my life and you took my wife
Wait for your judgement day

A warring king was I
Valiant and brave
So like a snake you poisoned me
Pushed me into the grave

But Purgat’ry I left behind
To invoke your end
I’ll set a quest in my son’s mind
By him I’ll be avenged

Regicide, vengeance’s nigh
I defy death to make sure you die
Fratricide, my son will provide
Your death knell and then I wait for you in hell!

„The king is dead“ they screamed
And „Long live the king!“
And you didn’t waste no time, no,
You took my everything

I was lying in my grave
You in my lady’s bed
But I rose and you’ll descend
You will lose your head


Solo: Christian/Nico

Brother thy time has come
Retaliation’s near
The hunt is on, you’re safe no longer
The royal deathsman fear

On your own battlements,
Mine they used to be,
I set the stage for your destruction
Thy doom approaches…




Speed Demons

Welcome to the Speed Demons’ rite!

Night’s falling black
Thunderstorms crack
Ripped by flashes of light

Inside the mist
Dark figures shift
Hell is open tonight

Thrown wide the gates
Mayhem awaits
Hell Patröl on the rise

This night’s alive
But who will survive
Fate is rolling the dice

Speed Demons rise, I summon you
The Hell Patröl gathers its crew
This is the time, this is the place
For you to join the chase, now

Speed Demons rise, I call on you
To join with us and see us through
This infernal stroll
The Demons rise, we’re on patrol.


All hell breaks loose
Madness and booze
Join as partners in crime

That’s what they need
The Disciples of Speed
Got one hell of a time


The calm before the storm is over, black winds rage up
With cataclysmic force they blow straight over the top
Infernal sounds ring everywhere, piercing through your ears
Intensity still grows and grows and grows and grows and grows
When all of a sudden it stops

Solo: Christian/Nico

Speed Demon’s rite
Is invoking tonight
The Metal Gods, Rock’n’Roll

When the drums start to pound
And the six-stringers sound
Like they blow up the stack
Then the patröl is on,
Yeah, the patröl is on,
Yeah the patröl is on the attack!


Solo: Nico


Sword Day

A sword-day, a red day, ere the sun rises! Ride now, ride now! Ride to Gondor!

Riding hard through wood and hill
Old oaths of friendship to fulfil
Five days and nights through dreadful dark
Here come the Riders of the Mark

Fire and slaughter, fell deeds awake
Our horses’ hooves let the ground shake

Blow your horns and into the fight
Fear no darkness, end this night!

Ride now, riders, swords unsheathed,
Ride and sing, battle’s unleashed,
Ride and wipe your foes away
Ride and fight and slay.

Ride now, riders, swords unsheathed,
Ride and sing, battle’s unleashed,
Ride and wipe your foes away
Ride and fight on this Sword Day.

Rush into the enemy’s rear
With sword and lance, with bow and spear
Who may withstand the dreadful charge
Of Thengel’s son, King of the Mark?

Yet one did stand, struck his steed with a fright
At the Black Captain’s feet thus Théoden died

Where men fail, women may prevail
But no time for joy, behold: black sails!

Ride now, riders, swords unsheathed,
Ride and kill, battle’s unleashed,
Ride and wipe your foes away
Ride and fight and slay.

Ride now, riders, swords unsheathed,
Ride and kill, battle’s unleashed,
Ride and wipe your foes away
Ride and fight on this Sword Day.

Now for wrath, now for ruin, and a red nightfall!

Final stand – Worth of song our deaths shall be
Hope is lost – Though no one will be left to sing
See the ships! – Seven stars and one white tree
Isildur’s heir! – We might yet break the enemy’s ring!

Solo: Nico

‘Tween hammer and anvil they were caught
The hosts of Mordor, fierce and dark
Who tried but not achieved to part
The kings of Mundburg and the Mark

Back into battle, now butcher them all
The White Tower must not fall!


Tear Down the Wall

Manchmal wünscht man sich, dass tatsächlich eine Armee von Untoten Gewehr bei Fuß stünde, um die ganzen Mächtigen mal wieder zurechtzustutzen…

Raise your eyes and see them fly
Proud banners ‘gainst the sky
Out of reach for the likes of us
Who’re just good enough to die

High or low, all men must face
The reckoning some day

Kings and queens crowned by the grace of gold
Control the power, by power they’re controlled
In this game you either win or die, is that the way?
What goes up must come down: The price to pay

When the mighty play their games
We’re trodden underfoot
What thou werst is what thou’ll be
There’s no escape, we lose


Now Winter is coming… to you!

Rise and walk, tear down the Wall!
This cold and white deluge destroys them all,
Tear down the wall!

Solo: Christian

Tear down the wall!

Solo: Nico

As they say: All men must die,
And your time can’t come too soon…

Kings and queens crowned by the grace of gold
Control the power, by power they’re controlled
Blinded by the gleam of golden wealth they couldn’t see
The higher you rise, the higher you fall
And for all you do, there is a price to pay…

Rise and walk,
Tear down the Wall,
Tear down the Wall!